Fight breaks out at Giants OTA session

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

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We interrupt “best shape of their life” season for a preview of “training camp fight” season.

Via Dan Duggan of, a couple of Giants players got into a fight on Thursday at an Organized Team Activity session. Offensive lineman Korey Cunningham and linebacker Quincy Roche were “in the middle of it,” and “punches were thrown.”

Although fans find entertainment and intrigue in the news of players swinging fists at football practice, the truth is that fights only happen during offseason practices when the action gets a little too heated. The problem is that, during the offseason workouts, there should be no action of any kind — and thus no reason for anyone to get heated.

Expect the NFL Players Association to look into it. Several years ago, media accounts of a fight during a Seahawks minicamp practice resulted in scrutiny of the practices and, ultimately, the imposition of stiff fines.

When policing the level of contact during offseason workouts, the union also tends to key a closer eye on first-year head coaches. They often have a harder time striking the balance between getting enough from the players and getting too much. Also, they’ve never before been responsible for reeling in players who may be overly rambunctious.

Regardless of what happens, fights shouldn’t be happening at non-contact offseason practices. If they are, the question becomes whether and to what extent contact was happening.

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