People are streaming Morbius in its entirety on Twitch, Discord, Twitter

Morbius being panned critically might be exactly what launches the film into the stratosphere. The Sony film, which is not a Marvel superhero movie, has become a kind of collective internet hate watch — but with a twist. Fans keep making memes about how amazing this movie is. “It’s Morbin’ time,” is the rallying cry around the Jared Leto led vampire-man film. And in the last few days, the newest meme is to simply stream the film in its entirety to various social media platforms, like Twitch, Discord, Twitter, and Tumblr. People keep finding increasingly creative and feral ways to quench their thirst for More-bius (I’m so sorry).

The Twitch account Morbius247 streamed the film for more than 12 hours straight, and at one point around 2000 people were watching Morbius together. The channel has since been taken down for violating Twitch’s terms of service, presumably around copyright. But this hasn’t stopped other channels from popping up to stream Morbius, including one stream titled “Extended Trailer” — but the extended trailer is actually just the entire film. People can’t get enough of the morb.

It’s also spread to other platforms. People have posted the film in Discord, resulting in at least one user getting banned. We’ve reached out to representatives at Twitch and Discord, and will update the story when we get a response.

On Twitter, the account morbius lover samperson shared the film via a thread of 52 two-minute long videos. In case your preferred viewing method involves repeatedly pausing. And on Tumblr, Morbius has been compressed into a teeny tiny gif, and reblogged thousands of times. One reblog includes an image of a hashtag: #gotta get the morbnifying glass out to watch this. They’re not wrong. The gif looks like it’s meant for a hamster-sized TV.

Morb-posting has become something of a great unifier among fans, even if the movie did not make that many “morbillions” in the box office.

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