Sony says PlayStation VR 2 will have ‘over 20 launch games’

Sony has said it will have more than 20 games ready for the launch of PlayStation VR 2.

The launch games will cover both first-party and third-party titles, the corporation said during a business briefing on Thursday (see the slide below).

“Right now, there is a considerable amount of money being spent on partnerships with independent and other third-party developers to secure a considerable pipeline of attractive VR content at the launch of PlayStation VR2,” said SIE president Jim Ryan.

“That energy, that effort and that money will continue to grow as the installed base of PlayStation VR 2 headsets grows also.”

Sony says PlayStation VR 2 will have ‘over 20 launch games’
A slide shared by Sony on Thursday.

During Sony’s CES 2022 keynote in January, the company first shared official technical specs for the PlayStation 5 VR headset and also confirmed the name for its VR controller: PlayStation VR2 Sense controller.

It also announced the first PSVR2 game: Horizon Call of the Mountain from Guerrilla and Firesprite.

Developed by Guerrilla Games in partnership with newly-acquired UK developer Firesprite, Call of the Mountain is described as an original game being built specifically for PS VR2, which “will open the doors for players to go deeper into the world of Horizon.”

The following month, the platform holder released the first images of the upcoming headset as well as the new PS VR2 controllers.

Horizon Call of the Mountain – Teaser Trailer

PSVR2 will feature 4K HDR, 110-degree field of view visuals with foveated rendering. Its OLED display will offer 2000×2040 resolution per eye and frame rates of 90/120hz.

SIE also confirmed the new headset will support Foveated rendering, which is a rendering technique that uses an eye tracker to essentially improve the graphical quality of VR software, by reducing the image quality in the peripheral vision of the user.

While there is no official release date for PSVR2, an analyst has suggested that PlayStation VR2 will launch in 2023 as a result of what he implies is a “delay”.

According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, the new headset will launch next year and will use AMOLED screens.