Metallica had three albums in the ’90s, and all of ’em evoke pretty strong opinions from fans. They were the inescapable Black Album (or self-titled if you’re feeling proper) from 1991, and then the grungy duo of Load and Reload from 1996 and 1997. All three of these records are composer John Carpenter‘s favorite Metallica records.

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In an interview with The Pit, Carpenter named all three as his favorites before adding “I know [fans] don’t think it’s pure. But I love [that trilogy], I thought it was great.” Carpenter later added that “Enter Sandman” is his favorite Metallica song, and that “[Metallica] are metal. Even when they took a detour, went down the Load/Reload road, I was with them.”

Then of course came the question of if Carpenter would even consider making a metal album. He said he’d consider doing it, mentioning that “We might snag a couple metal musicians to play. Sure why not, I love metal, always have.” And let’s all be honest with ourselves here – if John Carpenter decided to do a metal album, it would probably be one of the best of the year. I mean really, the dude wrote the Halloween theme. Plus his solo stuff rules.

As for any advice that Carpenter might have for young musicians on making music, he says it’s pretty simple – just make music and get used to the craft. “Don’t worry about what it’s for, do it, and then get people to listen. And that’s the best way of breaking in; because somebody may hear it and say, ‘Oh this is great, I want this.’ So that’s how you do it, that’s the most direct way.”

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