The trailer for the American Gigolo remake

Jon Bernthal is one of those celebrities that I can’t help but root for. Like most people, I became aware of the actor during his breakout role as Shane in The Walking Dead. In the comics, Shane is a tragic villain that’s dispatched almost as quickly as he’s introduced, but Bernthal’s performance in the role was so compelling that I was rooting for him to become the show’s lead by the end of his tenure on the series. As if he couldn’t capture my attention any further, Bernthal went on to portray the best version of Frank Castle-outside of the comics-ever. As a fan of the Punisher, Bernthal did me a solid by wiping away the stain of the character’s previous history in live-action. 

In short, I was already sold on the concept of him taking the reigns from Richard Gere to anchor an American Gigolo remake, but the trailer embedded above sold me twice over. 

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