Backstage news on WWE’s plans for Bray Wyatt on SmackDown

Bray Wyatt and LA Knight have been feuding on “WWE SmackDown” in recent weeks. Last week, Wyatt took to the ring to apologize for headbutting Knight during a backstage interview the week before. Knight joined Wyatt in the ring and beat him, claiming the pair were now even. But things took a turn when Knight hit Wyatt again on the apron, angering the former WWE Universal Champion. Later in the show, Knight was found unconscious backstage under a pile of rubble. As for the next phase of their story, details have emerged about what could go down in Providence, Rhode Island, on tonight’s Survivor Series WarGames go-home edition of “SmackDown.”

According to Fightful, “LA Knight was set to sell damage from the Bray Wyatt attack on Smackdown pretty heavily.” There is no indication at this time if this means Knight will be absent from tonight’s show to sell his injuries, or if he will appear bandaged on camera or even appear via satellite. Knight is not advertised to be in the house, according to WWE’s event page and the Amica Mutual Pavilion website; site of tonight’s “SmackDown” broadcast. Although, as always with WWE events, the card is subject to change and Knight may appear in some capacity.

As for Wyatt, something seemingly big is coming his way tonight. Fightful noted that “several Bray Wyatt masks are being brought to the show.” The report does not specify if these masks will be brought to Providence for Wyatt himself, or if the masks will be given to the audience, for example to wear during a certain segment. Nevertheless, it appears that Wyatt – although it has not been announced at this time – will appear in some form tonight to further his feud with Knight.

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