CD Projekt Red Shows Witcher 3 Free Netflix DLC Update, Coming December 14th

In case you missed it, CD Projekt Red’s award-winning video game The Witcher 3 is receiving a “next-gen” update on December 14th.

As part of this, some Witcher Netflix DLC will also be added to the game – even on Nintendo Switch. In a new live stream, CDPR has now briefly outlined what players can expect. Instead of just handing players the new themed gear and items, there will actually be a ‘DLC’ mission for all of this.

“We just thought if we offer all the new armor, swords, items, we just want it to feel a little bit more part of the game, and of course if it’s cool armor, like with other armor in the game there . had to be a quest or some content connected to it. So we tried to make a quest that makes it part of the game.”

The team even brought back the voice actors of Geralt (including Doug Cockle) to voice and record some lines for this new DLC update.

So what can you expect from this DLC? It looks like there will be Geralt season 1 and 2 armor and swords from the Netflix show, an alt skin for Dandelion, and Nilfgaardian armor based on the series’ outfits.

“We have a very special treat for all fans of the Netflix show! Enjoy alternate skins for Dandelion and Nilfgaardian soldiers, as well as a new mission, inspired by the show, where you’ll be able to get diagrams for new equipment for Geralt . What’s the quest? Shhh! No spoilers!”

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