Dominik and Rhea Ripley attacked Rey Mysterio on Thanksgiving

It was always going to be an awkward Thanksgiving celebration this year for the Mysterios after Dominik turned his back on his father Rey in September and joined his new family at The Judgment Day.

The vacation actually turned violent when Dominik and Rhea Ripley showed up at Rey’s front door to attend the family party. Rey had her mask handy and quickly put it on before reacting to the disturbance.

Dom and Rhea weren’t invited, so Rey told them to go away. That didn’t sit well with Ripley, who swooped in anyway and led a violent home invasion. Dominik didn’t hold back one bit in beating the crap out of his father. He even attacked Rey’s injured foot with household objects:

Rey recently tried to get away from her family problems in WWE by accepting a trade from Raw to Crack down. But little shithead Dominik just couldn’t leave him alone and here we are with a ruined Thanksgiving holiday for the Mysterio family.

What is your reaction to Dom and Rhea’s heinous actions, Cagesiders?

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