Don’t Fall For These Black Friday ‘Deals’ (Here’s What To Buy Instead)

With so many Black Friday deals show up at Amazon, Walmart, Goal and Best buy, it can be difficult to distinguish a good deal from a not-big-deal. We’ve been keeping an eye on sale prices for so long that we’ve gotten a good feel for which products are worth buying at which prices, and which discounts really aren’t worth the time.

If you come across any of these Black Friday deals, consider an alternative. You’ll be glad you weren’t cheap. Plus, these are best Black Friday deals under $25, under $50 and a summary of deals so good they’re likely to sell out. We have also compiled a list of best impulse buy to get at Amazon this year.

Skip these Black Friday deals

These deals aren’t worth your money, but instead consider some of the alternatives we’ve found.

AirPods Pro (1st generation): $159 at Walmart

Apple AirPods Pro 1st generation earphones


Walmart has Apples 1st generation AirPods Pro on sale for $159. At $20 off, that might sound like a decent deal, but not when you consider what you can get 2nd generation AirPods Pro if you only spend $40 more. Apple’s newer model offers big upgrades to sound quality, noise cancellation and more, and if you ask us, it’s worth spending the extra cash instead of grabbing this deal.

Fire TV Stick Lite: $15 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote


Another deal that sounds better than it is: a Fire Stick Lite for 50% discount. However, this one comes with a remote that won’t actually control your TV. Instead, we recommend paying $5 more to get Fire TV StickWhich one able to control your TV, or an extra $10 to get The 4K model.

Apple Watch Series 3: $179 at Walmart



An Apple Watch under $200 sounds like a steal for those looking to get a smartwatch this holiday season. But Apple has already discontinued the Series 3, so it won’t receive major software updates and isn’t compatible with WatchOS 9. Instead of buying an outdated smartwatch, go with a deal that comes with a little more future-proofing. For example, the 1st gen The Apple Watch SE is on sale for $149. That’s $30 less, with the promise of future OS upgrades. Self 2nd generation Apple Watch SEreleased in 2022, is for sale.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: $80 at Amazon

Galaxy Buds Live

Juan Garzon/CNET

Not only are these earphones now two years old, they are also not the best earphones for the price. (Here are some better options if you want a good pair budget earphones.) If your heart (and ears) is set on a pair of Samsung beans, you can get them cheaper directly through Samsung with a qualified trade-in.

Roku Express: $18 at Amazon

A Roku Express box with the device in the foreground.


Amazon’s Express of the year the deal is decent, but if you spend just $7 more, you get a far superior product, viz Roku Streaming Stick 4K, which Amazon has for sale for $25. This version adds support for higher resolution and TV power and volume controls, and it’s worth far more than $7 more.

Cricut Explore 3: $280 at Amazon

Cricut Explore 3

Russell Holly

Paper crafters, stop this Cricut Explore 3 “share.” While Amazon appears to have dropped the price to $280 for Black Friday, we’ve actually seen this electronic die-cut machine at this price for a while now.

A Black Friday deal you can’t miss

OK, it is too anyone Are Black Friday Deals Worth It? Yes! We’ve actually found more than 160 deals to recommend, but the #1 thing to buy this year is…

Jared DiPane/CNET

Every time Amazon has offered a bundle like this in the past, it has sold out before the end of the sale period. As this is Amazon’s newest Echo Dot, we expect there to be a lot of interest for the huge discount, so make sure you grab one now before it’s too late.

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