Driver crashes through Phoenix neighborhood before walking away from damage

PHOENIX — Police say a driver crashed through a Phoenix neighborhood overnight and fled the scene.

Phoenix police say the incident happened near 35th Avenue and Camelback Road just after midnight Thursday.

A single vehicle reportedly crashed into a parked car and the neighborhood wall before the driver got away on foot.

ABC15 spoke with a neighbor and her family, who say they’re counting their blessings.

Katia Diaz tells ABC15 her front door, windows and shutters are gone. Even their cinder-block fence is broken.

“When I was about to fall asleep, I felt like it. Something touched us,” she recalled.

That something was her car after a driver plowed into it causing it to hit their house.

“It sounded like an explosion. I just got hold of my niece. All I remember was grabbing her, handing her to my dad, running outside to see what had happened,” she added.

Diaz quickly realized her car was totaled and…

“I saw that a guy was getting out of the car. And I began to describe him to the police officers. He was wearing a black sweatshirt with white leggings. Probably mid thirties. White Caucasian male, she added.

Diaz tells ABC15 this isn’t the first time a crash like this has happened in the neighborhood.

“This isn’t the first time this has happened?” ABC15’s Luzdelia Caballero asked.

“Oh yeah. This is actually the 3rd time this has happened,” Diaz replied.

Police say no one was injured, but they are looking for the person responsible for the damage.

The Diaz family and their neighbors have been doing collections.

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