Kenny Omega thanks KENTA after using CM Punk’s GTS finisher in Chicago

Ahead of last night’s (Nov. 23) episode of Thanksgiving Eve of DynamiteKenny Omega encouraged pro wrestling fans to move on from the backstage match at Out of stock between CM Punk and The Elite.

It sounded like a good idea in theory, but many fans had a hard time following Omega’s advice after The Elite continued to troll the hell out of Punk during last night’s show in Chicago. Some of their antics included Omega biting his opponent, Matt Jackson intentionally botching the Buckshot Lariat, and Omega using Punk’s GTS finishing move.

However, the trolling was not done there. Omega took to Twitter overnight and thanked NJPW star KENTA for presumably crediting him with the GTS finisher, even though Kenny was clearly using the move as a reference to Punk.

The elite trolls on Dynamite was so heavy that some fans are hoping that the backstage match between Punk and The Elite will now be turned into an angle for Punk’s return to AEW television down the line.

I don’t see that actually being the case, but crazier things have happened before in pro wrestling. It looks to me like Omega and the Bucks just wanted to push some buttons in Chicago, and that’s how they did it.

Now that you’ve had more time to digest what happened, what did you think of the Elite’s trolling last night, Cagesiders?

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