Peter David, Iconic Hulk, Young Justice Writer, Launches GoFundMe for Medical Bills

A GoFundMe fundraiser is being launched on behalf of Peter David, an iconic writer who has worked on The Incredible Hulk, Young Justice and more.

A GoFundMe collection has been started on behalf of The Incredible Hulk and Young Justice author Peter David.

The GoFundMe fundraiser was created on November 27, 2022 and has raised over $7,600 as of this article’s publication. The description for the fundraiser, created by Graham Murphy, reads: “Hi everyone. I’m fundraising for author Peter David and his family. He’s had some complex health issues and the bills are piling up! On top of kidney failure, and the steep medical bills he had from it he just had another series of strokes AND a mild heart attack.We wish him a speedy recovery and send our love and support to his wife Kathleen and his family so please pitch in and help with their medical bills and living expenses . Please give what you can to relieve some of the tremendous stress this family is going through right now. On behalf of Peter, Kathleen and the entire family, thank you!”

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On November 28, 2022, Peter’s wife Kathleen commented on the GoFundMe page, “Kath here. Thanks to everyone who helped us. This morning they put a heart monitor in his chest to keep an eye on what’s going on with his heart. There are still a number of tests they need to do on his carotid arteries before we know the next step. On the bright side, the stroke and aftershocks were not as bad as ten years ago. He is working hard on his physical therapy and is coming back much better this year time. If he keeps it up, then he’s home. He’s still the clever storyteller he’s always been. He wanted me to tell you that he appreciates all your kind wishes and support. It means the world to him. More news as I get it. Please spread the word. I want to be able to make Hannukah and Christmas a good one for him. His daughter, grandchildren and great-grandson and his family appreciate your support as well.”

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David is a well-known figure in the comics industry, having worked on numerous titles for Marvel, DC and other publishers. Hans ran on The Incredible Hulk began with the 1987s The Incredible Hulk #331 (which was also created by Todd McFarlane, Kim DeMulder, Petra Scotese and Rick Parker). He continued to work on the title for the next 11 years, which won an Eisner Award (shared with Dale Keowon) in 1992. That same year, David also co-created the character Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O’Hara with Rick Leonardi, who then started Marvel’s 2099 universe. He has worked on countless other titles over the decades, including Young Justice, Aquaman, Super girl, X factor and many more.

To donate to the fundraiser for David, visit GoFundMe.

Source: GoFundMe

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