Red Dead Redemption 2 Hits New Player Peak — Christmas Update Adds More Content

Red Dead Redemption 2 has broken its record for concurrent players three years after its PC release. In addition to a wave of new players, Rockstar will have new rewards, seasonal outfits and more for a limited time.

Thanks to SteamDB data, as discovered by Eurogamer, we know that on November 27th, there were 66,492 concurrent players on Red Dead Redemption 2 on Steam. Before its new record, Red Dead Redemption 2 previously had 55,000 players when it launched on Steam in 2019. The report suggests that the new wave of players was due to the Steam Fall Sale that just happened.

In addition to having many new people logging in for the first time, Rockstar is getting into the Christmas spirit by adding new limited-time rewards and activities. When someone completes a player bounty, they will earn 3x Character and Role XP, and those who complete The Covington Emerald will earn 2x Money and XP from now until January 2nd.

They can also expect snow to arrive in the game along with Christmas trees near local merchants and gunsmiths. They will also be able to purchase the Krampus Shotgun and there will be no rank lock between December 12th – January 2nd. Starting December 15th, those who participate in A Merry Call to Arms will earn 3x money and XP until January 2nd.

Players will also be rewarded with a variety of items by logging into Red Dead Online from December 12th – 26th with the Winter variant of Evans Repeater. If anyone logs in anytime before January 2nd, they will receive a holster and naturalist who sells a specimen to Harriet before January 2nd will get a pair of green Salter shoes.

Below are several items they can get for free by logging in on these specific dates.

6 – 12 December

13 – 19 December

  • 2,000 Bounty Hunter Role XP

20 – 26 December

  • 3 gold bars
  • Red version of the Leavitt jacket (if a Moonshiner sale is completed)
  • Green version of the Morales vest (must reach wave 7 of A Merry Call to Arms)

27 December – 2 January

  • Free Emotes
  • 50% select weapons at Gus’ Store
  • $100 (once a role challenge is completed)

Below are all the feature sets that will be available until January 2nd.

November 29 – December 5: Hardcore Elimination Series

December 6-12: Gun Rush Teams (Hardcore)

13 – 19 December: Festive series 1

20 December – 2 January: Festive series 2

Finally, players will be able to purchase all of the following clothing throughout December:

  • Grayshott Pants (Male) or Prairie Skirt (Female)
  • Sable Hat
  • Collar overshirt (male) or Huerta shirtwaist (female)
  • Crutchfield braces
  • Neckcloth

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