Samsung’s entire Galaxy Tab S8 lineup is plunging to incredibly low prices for Black Friday

Save up to $300 on the best Android tablets

Samsung has long been a leader in Android tablets, as evidenced by its entire tablet lineup, which feels much more mature than anything else on the market. The smart One UI features for tablets like DeX make Galaxy tablets a formidable force against iPad dominance. That’s exactly why the Galaxy Tab S8 series provides the best Android tablets we’ve ever used. And this Black Friday, you can grab one for yourself at a never-before-seen price, saving you as much as $300 — or even more if you’re trading in an old tablet.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

With the standard Galaxy Tab S8, you get the best of Samsung’s premium tablets, but in a more manageable size and at an affordable price. Best of all, it comes with an amazing S Pen in the box, so you can start sketching on the tablet without using anything extra. Its 11-inch screen is the perfect size for a big-screen experience and keeping the tablet in your bag. Samsung has used an LCD for this model instead of its trademark OLED panels, but it’s certainly one of the better LCDs you might have seen on any device.

Galaxy Tab S8 back tiling OFFICIAL

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

You can get the 128GB Galaxy Tab S8 for just $550, but the 256GB model is a real steal at just $580, saving you a whopping $200 over its MSRP. And who doesn’t like having extra storage space? That’s especially true considering you get double the storage for just $30 more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

The upgraded Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is the tablet we think anyone looking for a premium tablet should go for. It gives you all the bells and whistles of the standard Tab S8, including the S Pen, quad speakers and a multi-camera setup. But where the Tab S8 Plus excels is its OLED display in a larger 12.4-inch format. It’s fascinating how much this tablet packs into its slim body while still being a top performer with a flagship processor under the hood. Use it all day for entertainment, gaming, sketching and office work – the sky’s the limit.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

At launch, the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus wasn’t expensive, even for a high-end tablet. But thanks to this Black Friday sale, you only need to spend $700 (or $680 if you get the silver color on Amazon) to own the best Android tablet on the market right now. And if you’re willing to spend $50 more, you can double the storage to 256GB.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung has made the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for the ultras among us who just can’t settle for anything small. At 14.6 inches, the Tab S8 Ultra is one of the largest tablets Samsung has ever made. The massive screen can be your perfect canvas for drawing or as a more appealing replacement for your laptop. And now that Android 12L is available for all Galaxy Tab S8 models, you can make the most of all 14 inches of this beautiful OLED screen to open multiple windows and use the taskbar like a real computer.

Tab S8 Ultra Book Holder Cover (1)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

While the Tab S8 Ultra started at $1100 at launch, right now you can save $200 and get the 128GB model for just $900. But the 256GB and 512GB models are even more enticing deals at $970 and $1100, saving you a whopping $230 and $300, respectively. That’s a huge saving on a tablet that’s barely a few months old.

If you’re upgrading from an older Galaxy tablet, Samsung offers pretty decent trade-in values ​​on top of these discounted prices. For example, you can get $325 for your three-year-old Galaxy Tab S5e or $375 for the Galaxy Tab S6. These trade-in values ​​remain the same regardless of which Galaxy Tab S8 model or stock variant you go for.

Meanwhile, budget tablet shoppers needn’t worry as there are plenty of other cheaper tablets on sale for Black Friday, both from Samsung and brands like Apple and Amazon.

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