Shakira accuses the Spanish taxman of “using her” to make an example

Shakira has blasted the Spanish tax authorities for “using her” for exemplary purposes, to the point of “violating” her right to privacy.

The famous singer, who is being investigated for alleged tax fraud, maintains that since 2011 she has paid more than 104 million euros in taxes worldwide.

Her lawyer’s letter

Shakira has been indicted for tax evasion of 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014, during which she allegedly pretended she was not resident in Spain.

EFE has had access to Shakira lawyer’s letter in which she accuses the Spanish tax agency of launching a “media campaign” with the sole purpose of “coercing” the singer so that “despite her innocence, she pleads guilty and comes to an agreement with the prosecutors”.

For the defense, the Tax Agency has acted with the “unacceptable purpose” of “instrumentalizing” the Colombian singer with “exemplary purposes for the rest of Spanish taxpayers”, and for this purpose it has carried out “unusual actions” during the investigation of the case.

Specifically, Shakira‘s legal team accuses the Treasury of having resorted to “measures that violate the right to privacy, such as requests to medical centers to obtain reserved information, such as appointments and exam results” to demonstrate that between 2012 and 2014 the artist stayed in Spain more than 183 days a year, and she was therefore obliged to pay tax in this country.

However, the defense for the Colombian star claims to have “reliable evidence” that she “beyond the slightest hint of doubt” did not spend most of the year in Spain. As evidenced by the Bahamian authorities’ certificates, she was a tax resident of the country from 2004 until the end of 2014, when she settled in Barcelona due to her relationship with the footballer Gerard Pique.

For this reason, they claim that it is “radically false” that she simulated her residence in the Bahamas and emphasize that since she began a relationship with Pique in 2011, her visit to Spain to meet the footballer, “in the few free days that her intense professional agenda allowed her”, was always “publicized” even in her own social networks.

When she decided to settle in Barcelona in 2014 with Pique she communicated it “expressly” for the relevant purposes to the Tax Agency, which accepted it “without discussion and thus assumed that until that date she had not resided in our country”, and since then she has “carefully” paid her tax in Spain despite not being the “center of economic interests”

Shakira claims that in 2011 she spent no more than 60 days in Spain as her world tour included appearances in cities such as Abu Dhabi, Bologna, Budapest, Bucharest, Belgrade, Croatia, Munich, Beirut, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rabat, Leon, Tijuana, Hermosillo, Genoa and Puerto Rico.

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