The Google Home redesign is rolling out to those who participated in the public preview

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A major redesign is coming to the Google Home app, and the company behind it wants to make sure it gets things right after years of neglecting some customer demands (looking at you, Nest devices). Therefore, the company announced the new interface well before it became available. Even then, the redesign is meant to roll out to those who joined Google’s Public Preview program for the app first before it changes things for the vast majority of users. Those in the public preview can now look forward to the redesigned app as the new look has started to roll out.


We’ve covered the Google Home redesign extensively, and there’s a lot of new stuff in it. The revamped app will not only look prettier, but it will also give you access to a new media player, custom spaces for activities and groups, the ability to save some devices as your favorites for quick access, and an improved design for the Wear OS version of the application. You will also be able to see household routines created by other users in your home.

There are still a few issues with the redesigned app, and Google acknowledged a few of them ahead of the rollout. Currently, it is not possible to rearrange entities in the Favorites panel, and you cannot add automations to it. These options will come later. For one of our tipsters, the app also claimed that some of his household routines were inactive, even though they were working and set up. Still, overall the redesign feels pretty complete and already done, and it’s now about gathering feedback from early testers to get it ready for a full rollout.

To join the public preview, go to your Google Home app settings via your account profile picture in the top right corner, then look for Public preview option i General section. After that, you may have to wait a little while until your application is approved. Should you run into workflow issues with the redesign, you can easily exit the public preview in the same section of settings and return to the old design. Just be sure to leave feedback so Google is aware of what’s still causing problems for you.

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