This “basically perfect” Chromebook is on sale for a record 69% off Lenovo’s Black Friday sale

When tracking down the best Black Friday deals, we always seem to be focused on the same handful of retailers, but Lenovo just launched a deal that puts all the other giant stores to shame. Head over to the manufacturer’s website with the code THINK BIGNOW and they will instantly give you a huge one $540 off (opens in new tab) Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook. That’s an incredible 69% off, and it’s a deal that seems to beat anything the other major retailers are offering this holiday season.

For just $239, you get a device that we once called “basically perfect” in our Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook review. Slim, light and powerful, the C13 boasts a lightning-fast AMD Ryzen 7 3700C processor, an integrated USI pen and a durable flip-and-fold design that lets you turn your laptop into a tablet in an instant.

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