This massive external cooler can cool up to four GPUs at once

Bykski makes an extra large external radiator with nine fans

No, it’s not a next-gen reference CPU cooler, at least not yet.

Tom’s Hardware reports on an extra large water cooler from Bykski. This is not a product that can be installed in a chassis, on the contrary, it may well be much larger than many desktop PCs.

Bykski B-1080-CEC-X external cooler, Source: CoolingLab

The B-1080-CEC-X is a box with a massive radiator attached to an array of nine 120mm fans. This is a complete solution with pre-installed pump, radiator and reservoir. All it takes is G1/4 fittings, some coolant and something to actually cool it down.

Users can connect this product to a CPU water block or liquid cooler for a graphics card. In fact, it can be both, and users can expand up to 4 graphics cards, claims the product description. It has up to 2000W of “antipyretic capacity”, so there’s definitely room for some high-end desktop GPUs running in a cluster. In fact, Bykski advertises this product for workstation computing, which can often have four GPUs or more.

Bykski B-1080-CEC-X external cooler, Source: CoolingLab

This product measures 42×48×14 cm, and it can be compared in size to many PCs with Mini-ITX or even Micro-ATX motherboards. It can certainly solve the cooling problem, but it will also require a lot of space on its own. At least in this configuration, users have some flexibility when it comes to separating the radiator from the heat generated by the GPUs.

Bykski B-1080-CEC-X external cooler, Source: CoolingLab

Bykski’s external cooler is now listed by a Japanese retailer for 72,356 JPY, which is about $525 right now.

Source: CoolingLab via Tom’s Hardware

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